Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Phoenix‚ Ariz. — FASTTRAK‚ a leading software provider‚ introduces its Express Lite‚ specifically designed for the small operator. According to President and founder Eddie McCoy‚ CPA‚ the program is available for a limited time with no setup fee or contract and for only $20 monthly access.

“In remembrance of the 13th anniversary of September 11‚ 2001‚ I initiated a program that some have coined a run‚ don't walk‚ to buy‚’” says McCoy. “When 9/11 occurred‚ I had been in been in the software business a little over two years and saw the pain of many of my clients who lost their friends and their long-time customers on that fateful day. However‚ one thing still remains as true today as it did then: the need to address the cost of supplying automation to ground operators with the ever-increasing fees and continued recessive economy. I decided then‚ as I have now‚ to introduce a program that would help these operators during these trying times.”

The program was created for the small operator that expects to book less than 100 jobs per month and features online reservations for existing customers and new retail customers with online quoting tools‚ dispatching‚ billing‚ statements‚ A/R‚ employee wages‚ commissions‚ reports‚ back office auto-emails‚ unlimited users and devices‚ credit card processing‚ and flight tracking. The program includes one hour of free training and additional add-on support plans and training can be purchased separately. To minimize the operator's costs‚ YouTube videos are available for self-study and learning.

Visit fasttrakcloud.com for more information.