Driving Transactions
Thursday, July 18, 2024

Kings Director of Organizational Development Ken Southard Ken Southard, Director of Organizational Development at Kings Worldwide Transportation Oklahoma City, O.K. — Kings Worldwide Transportation recently announced that Ken Southard has joined the company as director of organizational development. He has an extensive background in operations, training, and development, having led training teams in the U.S., U.K., and throughout the world. Most recently, he ran his own training consultancy firm and served as director of training for Shergroup Limited.

Southard was brought on to continue Kings’ commitment to raise the bar in customer care and service, develop staff and chauffeur skills, and increase sales to existing clients. Greg Pruitt, president, says, “Ken was an early mentor and educator to me.  I was able to do my student teaching with him as I was graduating college.  The level of expertise he has at teaching is one I have rarely run across.  He is able to create pathways of learning for any type of situation or student.  To say that I am excited to work with him again some 20 years later is an understatement, another pleasant surprise from life! Ken is keen to make everything he does end with impeccable results.  He will be key in the next level of the growth and development of Kings.”

Joey Allen, COO, says, “I believe the level of expertise in the customer service and management arena that Ken brings to the table not only catapults us to the next level in exceeding our customers’ needs, but speaks to the commitment we have to continue to be the leading provider of chauffeured transportation in the region.”

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