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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Temsa TS 35E TEMSA TS 35E at the UMA Expo in Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta — TEMSA Global, along with its exclusive U.S. distributor CH Bus Sales, recently introduced the newly enhanced TS 35E midsize coach at the United Motorcoach Expo (UMA) in Atlanta, Ga. The unveiling took place at a press conference on February 2, and included a first-order presentation to Royal Excursion of South Bend, Ind.

Robert Foley, president and CEO of CH Bus Sales, led the press conference by explaining the company’s competitive advantage in the midsize market with the best-selling TS 35 model. Foley shared that the new TS 35E model “exemplifies the tremendous success we’ve had with the 35-foot coach and our new E will be able to provide the same advantages it is known for, but with some more modern enhancements and upgrades.”

Next, Tim Vaught, vice president of sales, service, and product development, and Ibrahim Eserce, research & development/after-sales services director, took the stage to describe the specific product development and enhanced features of the new TS 35E model. Vaught acknowledged that a product committee made up of CH and TEMSA representatives and operators played an important role in integrating the wants and needs of the operators into the enhanceddesign. Eserce then described the exciting new enhancements on the TS 35E coach, including an updated and modern look to the front face and rear door, new styling in the entryway with added LED tread lighting on the steps, new overhead reading lights, and enclosed parcel racks. The vehicle’s driver ergonomics is improved with an enlarged driver area (increased by four inches), updated ergonomic buttons, and an updated dashboard cover. Improving the serviceability of the coach was a large factor in the vehicle enhancement and is accomplished with a three-piece front bumper, three-piece rear engine door, stacked alternators, and 315 size tires.

Duane Geiger, executive vice president of CH Bus Sales recognized Shannon Kaser, owner and president of Royal Excursion, as taking the first order of the TS 35E coach. Kaser shared that his commitment came from “the success we’ve had with the other TS 35 and TS 45 TEMSA models and the great support from CH Bus Sales on the after-sales side.”

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