Sunday, September 24, 2023

Austin, Texas--It was down to the nuts and bolts for the ever-busy Central Texas Limousine Association (CTLA) when they met at Embassy Suites Hotel on August 27 in Austin.

In preparation for upcoming events at Circuit of the Americas (COTA), a motor racing circuit near Austin, Texas, COTA Director of Transportation Steve Elliot stopped by to discuss updates with COTA’s parking and pickup policies. As COTA events have always been a major source of business for Central Texas operators, the CTLA has made sure to keep a relationship with Elliot as different events arise at COTA and plan to have him back for future meetings.

Perla Compton, ground transportation manager at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), also stopped by to discuss changing procedures at the airport amid new lot construction and increased efforts to weed out illegitimate drivers.

After the two guest speakers, CTLA members participated in a raffle for a free show pass to November’s Chauffeur Driven Show won by Ali Valentine of Carey of Austin.

Paul Arcediano, owner of R&R Limousine and Bus and head of the CTLA’s Legislative Committee, responded to a survey passed out among CTLA members asking which public issues they’d most like to pursue. Among them, better working hours and making more user friendly for chauffeurs and owner/operators were at the forefront of concern. CTLA President Ed Herndon of Esquire Limousine is confident that these worries can be taken care of.

“It’s working because of the association,” says Herndon of the growing persuasiveness of the CTLA. “Because the group as a whole, the numbers tell them, ‘look, this is what we need as operators and we represent this many companies with this many cars and this many people.’” Herndon believes that the CTLA and the city of Austin are now developing a helpful and mutually beneficial relationship.

After Arcediano’s discussion, Billy Carter—head of the CTLA’s airport committee and general manager of ExecuCar, Veolia Transportation, and SuperShuttle—gave some of his own updates on ABIA and some expanded notes on what Compton had discussed previously.

CTLA’s next meeting will be held October 29. Visit ctla.org for more information.