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Monday, June 24, 2024

AFC Transportation Houston — AFC Transportation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the TBL Group, is now a two-time recipient of the National Safety Council’s “Our Driving Concern” Traffic Safety Award. AFC was also honored with the same award in 2014. Presented in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation, the award recognizes employers who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees on and off the job in the area of traffic safety.

The 2016 honorees were selected through an application process that evaluated each company’s commitment to promoting safe driving behaviors among their employees. Employee education, training, and other activities centered on traffic safety were considered. While each of these employers has a commitment to traffic safety, the group is diverse in many ways. Applicants ranged from employers with as few as 100 employees to those with 2,000 and from nonprofits to municipal organizations.

Gaze and Ezzell Paul Gage (left), safety director at AFC Transportation with Mike Ezzell of the National Safety Council. Paul Gage, safety director at AFC Transportation accepted the award on behalf of the organization and recognized the accolade as a team effort. “I am very pleased to receive this recognition and award from the National Safety Council on behalf of AFC Transportation and would like to give the credit and recognition where it is due—to the drivers and staff who have joined with us to create this “Safety Culture” within our company.”

Gage also stated that safety is a team effort, achieved by each employee coming together to demonstrate the right attitude and mindset to create a safe environment. AFC actively promotes a safety-first attitude within their corporate culture under their corporate initiative, “PEOPLE POWERED, SAFETY DRIVEN.” Gage believes the commitment to that ideal is present not only behind the wheel, but when dispatching, booking reservations, maintaining the fleet, and at home with AFC families and friends. 

“Texas is a leader among states in many areas, but sadly it has the highest rate of fatal car crashes,” said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council. “These employers are working to protect their employees and reverse this trend. We are thrilled to recognize their work.”

“Many thanks to the National Safety Council for their commitment to safety in the state of Texas and nationwide,” said John Ferrari, CEO, TBL Group. “I’m also very grateful and proud of the AFC staff and congratulate Paul Gage and our team on a job well done!”

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