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Friday, May 24, 2024

Eagles Chauffeurs London — Eagles Chauffeurs is well on track to becoming London’s greenest and most efficient private hire fleet. With the U.K. government setting a deadline of 2025 to reduce country’s CO2 emissions, Eagles Chauffeurs is on track to reducing its emissions by 60% before that date.

After working closely with major clients, Eagles Chauffeurs have managed to reduce their drivers’ “dead mileage” by 15% over the last two years, simply because their vehicles rarely have to travel more than one mile to arrive at their next pick-up point. The emissions are lower than those of their competitors, who, owing to their smaller fleet sizes, often need to travel several miles between jobs. This has led to a reduction of greenhouse emissions by 15%, which equates to approximately 4000 tons in one year.

Eagles Chauffeurs The company is not stopping there as they are working rapidly to make further cuts in vehicle emissions. There’s currently a three-way plotting system for all their drivers, meaning it will reduce distance to pick-up point by an average of 50%, saving 150 miles per day. With the increase in workflow, Eagles Chauffeurs are now working on the introduction of a four-way plotting system.

Two of the main vehicles used by the company include the Mercedes S-Class and the Mercedes E-Class, both of which are considerably greener than any other vehicles in their class. The S-Class was the world’s first car awarded an environmental certificate in recognition of its ISO standard, while the E-Class lowers CO2 emissions to just 109 G/KM.

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