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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bill Scalzi, President TLPA President Bill ScalziRockville, Md. — The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) recently announced a new membership dues structure aimed at giving fleet operators and nonprofit trade associations greater choice and allowing for greater savings. The new structure also provides flat-fee memberships for industry suppliers and public sector entities.

For fleets, the new structure departs from vehicle-based plans of the past and offers companies the option to choose among three different levels of membership service: Basic, Comprehensive and Leadership. Each level provides members with a range of benefits.

“This is the most significant dues structure change in over 40 years, which in the past was based on the number of vehicles in a member’s fleet and a single set of member benefits,” TLPA President Bill Scalzi said. “This modernized structure allows each fleet operator member and nonprofit trade association to evaluate their individual needs, and decide what is best for their business.”

The different levels of membership available to U.S. and International Fleet Operators and nonprofit trade associations provide varying levels of access to TLPA resources to best help members grow their businesses and stay abreast of industry trends. The three levels of membership are as follows:

•   Basic membership allows a fleet or association to designate one representative to receive TLPA publications, such as the Ride-Hail News e-newsletter and Transportation Leader magazine. This level includes a membership directory and access to TLPA staff for questions and assistance. Organizations providing passenger service directly to the public are also listed in TLPA’s online Find a Ride tool.

•   Comprehensive membership provides two additional team members with the benefits of basic membership, along with Legislative Alert and Special Report e-bulletins and access to the members-only Resource Center. Organizations at the comprehensive level are eligible to serve on the board of directors and most committees.

•   Leadership membership builds on the basic and comprehensive benefits, expanding access to newsletters and publications to up to four people. At this level, fleets and associations can participate in exclusive legal, legislative and public relations briefings sponsored by TLPA. The leadership level also offers the ability to participate in leadership groups and potential profiles on the TLPA Fleet Forward Blog.

Additionally, TLPA is providing industry suppliers and public sector entities, such as state and local regulatory bodies, with a membership experience that provides greater insight into the for-hire transportation industry. These memberships have flat annual rates of $1,150 and $750, respectively.

The new dues structure and membership-service levels were effective July 15.

Visit for more information about membership, and to learn more about the transportation association, which is celebrating a century of operation this year.