Sunday, September 24, 2023

Erika Williams VP, Partner Channel Erika Williams, Century Business Solutions Irvine, Calif. — Century Business Solutions is excited to announce its partnership with Limo Anywhere, a software provider for nearly 5,000 limousine and livery services, to allow credit card processing directly within Limo Anywhere’s Dispatch Software.

Century has served the livery and limousine industry for over 11 years and provides payment processing for the National Limousine Association, the Illinois Limousine Association, the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association, and the Virginia Limousine Association.

Century Business Solutions’ development team is currently building a payment integration to Limo Anywhere’s Dispatch Software. The integration will utilize Century’s proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, to provide credit card processing for thousands of merchants across the country. Century is also developing extensive reporting options to allow operators to connect their Dispatch Software directly with their accounting software.

Jay Pearson Director of Strategic Partnerships Jay Pearson, Limo Anywhere “Century Business Solutions is excited to announce that we just transformed payments in the limousine industry,” said Erika Williams, VP, partner channel for Century Business Solutions. “Through our partnership with Limo Anywhere, we are replacing a cluttered web of credit card payment methods with one easy solution. Customers will enjoy a payment experience on par with the elegance of their travel.”

Century’s payment integration will enable merchants to process—authorize, capture, void, and credit—credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments directly within Limo Anywhere’s Dispatch Software.

The powerful EBizCharge payment gateway allows merchants to lower processing fees by submitting line-item details directly to the bank. EBizCharge is fully PCI-compliant and offers advanced data encryption and tokenization technology to ensure maximum transaction security. EBizCharge marks reservations as paid immediately, so there’s no need to go back into your software at the end of the day to reconcile reservations or balance your general ledger.

EBizCharge is designed to pass more information through the point of sale. Line-item details and invoice information are automatically passed to a PCI-compliant payment gateway, which helps qualify credit cards at reduced interchange rates and provides the lowest payment processing fees for Limo Anywhere customers.

“Limo Anywhere consistently seeks to partner with leaders in their field to provide outstanding value for our customers,” said Jay Pearson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Limo Anywhere. “Century Business Solutions is clearly that kind of partner with a strong position in the industry, a commitment to customer service, and cutting-edge technology.”

Century provides free, 24/7, in-house customer support and extensive chargeback management to all of its customers.

The EBizCharge payment gateway will help streamline workflows, eliminate double data entry, and make payment processing more efficient within Limo Anywhere’s Dispatch Software. With EBizCharge, users can run custom reports, sort through transactions by category, and immediately release funds when issuing refunds.

The partnership between Century Business Solutions and Limo Anywhere is intended to simplify credit card processing and streamline payment acceptance for thousands of limousine providers across the country.

Visit limoanywhere.com for more information.