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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Bus manufacturer Prevost recently released a detailed checklist to help motorcoach operators prepare for the next phase of business in the new “normal.” Called Clean + Care, the program offers advice on everthing from cleaning and storage to ramping up to again serve customers.


“Prevost is here for you: That’s the message we want to convey to our customers and to the industry as a whole,” says Prevost General Manager Francois Tremblay. “While so much of this crisis is out of our control, Prevost’s goal is to do everything we can to provide some peace of mind. With that guiding us, we have embraced a Clean + Care approach to all that we are doing for operators.”


Clean + Care includes:

  • Warranty Extensions: Prevost says it was the first to offer a Warranty Extension program on parts and coaches for qualifying parked coaches and a 24-month parts warranty.
  • Free Online Training from Prevost Technical Institute gives an learning management system that is trackable and provable. Use this time to learn new subject matter or brush up on existing skills for drivers and technicians.
  • Technical Support: Prevost has set up a way for operators to contact them even when many are working remotely and operators may be unsure who is available. The email is being monitored for any needs or requests.
  • Storage and Cleaning: Easy access for downloading processes and procedures from Prevost’s Technical Publications are available on the company’s website and include storage and startup guidelines for parked coaches as well as cleaning procedures and instructions.
  • Contact-Free: Operators can drop off and pick up vehicles through its contact-free protocol. Centers with parts warehouses have also instituted a process for contact-free parts pickup for customers’ convenience.
  • Back to Business: In order for operators to be ready to get back to business, Prevost developed an offer that includes creating ways your riders feel comfortable about the equipment in which they are being transported. Current and future options include:
    • New driver barriers
    • Passenger warning and information decals for coach interior
    • Air purifier systems
    • Improved ventilation with fans in roof hatch options
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers and installation suggestions and instructions
    • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer (4L)
    • Electrostatic misting systems
    • Filtration systems
    • Masks are available for operators to provide to riders for additional confidence and protection
    • Seat distancing decals
    • Passenger partitions (coming soon)
    • Headrest covers (coming soon)

Details on these resources and programs can be found on Prevost’s website and customer communications page.

Prevost’s service network continues to be available as all Prevost service centers remain open. The manufacturer also notes that parts are available and being shipped daily, and its PASS line is available 24/7 for assisting with scheduling and warranty work (800.463.7738).

For additional information, follow Prevost on social media for updates, visit, or utitlize its crisis support email address for any questions.