Limo Marketer
Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Jeff Rose, president and CEO of Attitude NEW YORK Chauffeured Transportation, is pleased to announce that longtime industry professional—and trade show staple—Rick Eichner has joined the team as operations and business development manager.

Rick Eichner The Attitude NEW YORK crew (L to R): Rupert Jeremy, Rick Eichner, and Jeff Rose

“Rick’s industry experience and wide-ranging skill set make him an exceptional candidate,” says Rose. “For the past 25 years he was the fleet sales manager at City Limousine Sales—a division of City Cadillac-Buick-GMC—serving the limousine, livery, and funeral markets. We recruited Rick to join our organization based on his work while he was a primary vendor. With his sales and marketing experience, we feel very lucky that he agreed to join us. He will be a tremendous complement and working partner to Chief of Staff Rupert Jeremy, a 17-year veteran at the company.”

Prior to joining City, Eichner was the owner of a boutique limousine service.

“With so many businesses contracting during the pandemic—especially in this industry—it’s pretty exciting being with a chauffeured transportation company that’s in an expansion mode and growing its core business,” says Eichner.

“We envision significant growth opportunities as the ground transportation business emerges from the pandemic. Now more than ever, travelers want to book with a company they can trust. We also see the opportunity to establish a super-premium national network, something our client base has been clamoring for. Now we have the ideal candidate to get that up and running as we explore new revenue streams in the post-COVID market. Not only does Rick bring some welcomed back-up on oversight and management, he also adds an entirely new dimension to our marketing efforts,” says Rose.

Established in 1986, Attitude NEW YORK has been the go-to service for New York’s most demanding passengers.  Among the company’s clients are C-Suite executives and high-net-worth families, according to Rose. Attitude NEW YORK is also a top choice in the entertainment industry, especially New York’s Broadway theatre talent and producers, nationally broadcast television shows, and production companies. Rose, who founded the company, is committed to promoting the industry as a frequent speaker at industry events and serving as president of the Limousine Association of New York.

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