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Friday, March 01, 2024

With the pressures of the pandemic still weighing heavily on operators around the world, the Minority Limousine Operators of America (MLOA) held a webinar on December 16 to help its members improve their coping strategies. The association welcomed Larry Ellington and Adam Thakur, two mental health professionals based in Florida, to discuss ways that operators and executives can perform daily mental self-care.

Minority Limousine Operators of America (MLOA)

As an ex-naval engineer, Ellington discussed the importance in “monitoring equipment.” Many operators spend a great deal of time and money making sure their vehicles are in tip-top condition, but rarely put the same effort into their own mental health. With that in mind, Ellington and Thakur offered up the “Three Cs” that can be used to help survive the stresses of COVID-19:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Counselling

Often, Ellington explained, people feel the need to “hold back” and not burden others with their problems. They attempted to remove the stigma that some may feel when it comes to self-care and mental health. The therapists pointed out that, in particular, men of color are reluctant to share their thoughts and feelings, but offer that using the Three Cs to establish relationships and healthy interaction is a tool in your box for wellness. The pair emphasized the importance on counseling, as it provides non-biased feedback on problems and may offer solutions.

When overcome with stress, Thakur suggested taking at least five minutes a day to recenter. This could include something as simple as taking deep breaths, taking a shower, or even an activity like going to the movies (socially distanced, of course). Ellington also pointed out the benefits of aromatherapy and bubble baths to put yourself in a good headspace.

In addition to the self-help webinar, the MLOA Board updated their members on association happenings. Membership Committee members Tiffany Hinton of MOTEV and Reggie Tymus of Capital City Limousine shared news that MLOA is working on a certification program for its members and is also formalizing plans for a mentorship program. Both of these will offer a great deal of benefit for operators looking to take their business to the next level. Stay tuned for more details as plans pan out.

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