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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Redwood City, Calif.—Mosaic Global Transportation now has a presence in Los Angeles, thanks to its recent acquisition of Spann Luxury Limousine.

Maurice Brewster, Mosaic’s president and CEO, said that the deal, which was “inked three or four weeks ago,” is the opportunity he’s been waiting for to break into one of the biggest transportation markets in the world.

“It’s been a fantasy for me for years but it never was the right time, it never was the right person. The timing with this was great,” he says. “They wanted to make a change and we wanted to expand into the LA market.”

Spann had been an affiliate of Mosaic’s for nearly the entire duration of the former’s nine years of operations, which gave Brewster the assurance he needed that he would be acquiring an established company whose existing staff could maintain the level of quality he expects.

“We knew them, and that they were performing and delivering our brand of service in the LA market for so many years,” says Brewster. “They were doing our trips so they knew how to represent us the way we wanted.”

In addition to acquiring Spann’s employees, assets, and clients, Mosaic will also be expanding its fleet by eight additional “sedans, SUVs, and a Mercedes Sprinter,” says Brewster, with plans to grow both the fleet and the business in LA.

With a longtime dream coming true, Brewster is excited about what the future holds and looks forward to bringing Mosaic’s transportation services to the City of Angels with the support of a new staff and pre-existing clients alike.

“We can go to our corporate clients and let them know that we’re physically present in that market. A vast majority of our clients that support us and give us business in San Francisco agreed to do the same thing down in LA,” he says. “The LA market’s pretty competitive but I think there’s room for another good provider.”

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