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Friday, May 24, 2024

SMARTCars Founder Stuart Rothstein has announced that the company was sold to Chicago-area Viatas Global Chauffeured Transportation in mid-November. The company will continue to operate under the SMARTCars name for the foreseeable future with staff and IO drivers continuing to work for the new organization.

Stuart Rothstein SMARTCars Founder SMARTCars Founder Stuart Rothstein

Rothstein says that although largely retired, he will remain “tethered” during the transition and will continue to help grow business under the SMARTCars name. Rothstein has known Viatas Owner Dimitri Sariev for several years, and says he has a “great relationship” with him.

“I’m very optimistic and positive about [the purchase],” says Rothstein. “It was time… It’s better for the company to be in the hands of a younger man who can provide the necessary energy to take this thing forward.”

SMARTCars recently celebrated its 26th year of operation. The company has completed more than 1 million rides with a success rate of 99.8 percent. A highly regarded industry veteran, Rothstein served as treasurer and board member for the National Limousine Association (NLA). In addition, he held the roles of vice president and secretary/treasurer of the Illinois Limousine & Bus Association, and is chairman of the 20 group Chauffeured Success Group. Rothstein also was a speaker at three national conventions, delivering acclaimed presentations on industry-related topics.

Rothstein looks forward to playing pickleball in his free time, and has been approached by several companies in outside industries.

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