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Saturday, December 02, 2023

L to R: Kevin Illingworth of Classique Worldwide Transportation, Chris Quinn of Corporate Transportation Solutions, Rich Azzolino of Gateway Global, and Alex Darbahani of KLS Worldwide during the GCLA’s 2014 Day on the Hill Sacramento, Calif. — The Greater California Livery Association (GCLA) will hold its second annual Day on the Hill on January 15. From 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the association and its supporters will take to California’s capitol to make the collective voice of the state’s operators heard.

GCLA President Kevin Illingworth was among those who attended last year’s inaugural event, as well as national legislative days in Washington, D.C., both of which he found to be invaluable experiences. “I’ve learned so much from doing this at the national level and at the state level. It’s helped me be more knowledgeable about what we need to do to be better operators and to compete,” he says.

Gregg Cook and Rob Grossglauser of Government Affairs Consulting, both of whom are lobbyists for the GCLA, have arranged for the association to meet with the four State Legislative Policy Committees that directly impact the livery industry: the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce; the Assembly Transportation Commission; the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee; and the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

The day will focus on legally operating transportation companies’ concerns about the safety and regulatory issues presented by TNCs, as well as the association’s concerns about SB109 and SB611. Members who have submitted the names of their regional representatives will have an opportunity to meet with them on an individual basis.

“It’s about making our representatives aware of what’s going on in our industry and vocalizing it from different areas, from San Diego all the way up to Northern California,” Illingworth said. “We saw what a difference it made when we went last year. Our lobbyists were reacting to the power of the people.”

The next GCLA membership meeting will be February 10.

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