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Friday, May 24, 2024

NLA Aspire New York — The National Limousine Association (NLA) and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation (WGS) have joined forces on The Aspire Initiative, a domestic violence program that aims to reduce the level of intimate relationship violence in the U.S. and highlight the importance of bystander responsibility. With an escalating number of passenger assaults alleged against ride-hailing app drivers, the NLA believes Aspire is vital to ending violence and sexual assault.

Robin McGraw announced the partnership November 20 in a video message posted to her foundation’s Facebook page. The message was then shared by Robin’s husband, television personality Dr. Phil McGraw, to his show’s Facebook page November 23.

The Aspire Initiative includes a potentially lifesaving smartphone app, Aspire News, is available free of charge to download on Google Play, as well as at The app allows a user to create a pre-written text or voice message to be sent to designated numbers (such as 911 or other chosen emergency contacts) with just the tap of a button. The ignition of the app's "go button" also starts a recording to capture the details of the domestic violence encounter and/or other dangerous events taking place. Aspire Newsis designed to appear like any other smart phone app to the untrained eye, allowing it to be both downloaded and used discreetly.

“Hailing a private driver, unfortunately, does not always come without risk and I am so proud that my foundation, When Georgia Smiled, has partnered with Ride Responsibly to further broaden our reach, increasing passenger safety and awareness,” McGraw says. “We are proud to be a part of this vital initiative to keep our roads and our citizens well-informed and, ultimately, safer.”

"This alliance is a necessary step in our deeper commitment to fight violence and sexual assault. We are proud to partner with When Georgia Smiled and Aspire, educating the public of the help available at their fingertips, when they need it most," adds Buffo. "With an alarming number of recently reported sexual assault cases involving ride-hailing drivers, it is an imperative initiative to provide safety to those who find themselves in danger."

The partnership is an extension of the NLA’s ongoing Ride Responsibly initiative to increase passenger safety, education, and awareness for anyone using a ride-hailing app-based car service such as Lyft, Uber, or Whisk. The campaign urges consumers to arm themselves with the necessary tools to Ride Responsibly and make informed choices when it comes to their own safety.

Visit to learn more about both When Georgia Smiled and the Aspire Initiative, for more information about Ride Responsibly, and for more about the NLA.