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Tuesday, December 05, 2023
Rick Szilagyi NELA NELA Executive Director Rick Szilagyi

New England Livery Association (NELA) has recently appointed four new directors, making this the first time “in a long time” that all of the board’s open slots have been filled, according to Executive Director Rick Szilagyi.

Joe Cardillo of All Occasion Transportation, Wayne Cippullo of Great Bay Limousine, Jason Dornhoffer of United Worldwide, and Jerry Robbins of Weldon Worldwide are NELA’s newest directors, offering a mix of longtime industry experience and legislative involvement with their appointments.

“We’ve been very fortunate lately in getting to know our members better than we have before, as a result of our legislative efforts,” Szilagyi said.

Those same legislative efforts are beginning to spread throughout the region, with roughly half a dozen members of NELA testifying earlier this month against New Hampshire’s HB-1697, which “requires the Department of Safety to regulate the operation and insurance of transportation network companies.” The fate of the proposed legislation should be decided within a week, with members preferring to see the bill killed rather than pass in the Senate.

“The bill has now moved to the House and it’s on a fast track, so we’re in the eleventh hour and 57 minutes,” Szilagyi said.

NELA is currently looking to bring on a lobbying group to support continued association activity in New Hampshire.

NELA’s annual membership meeting is scheduled for June 14, while it will hold its Chauffeur Appreciation Day on June 2.

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