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Title Published Date
GBTA Poll: Global Travel Rebounds, Shifting Challenges and Opportunities Ahead 2023, November 07
USTA Survey: Travel Hassles Cost Economy $71B in Spend 2023, October 17
Small But Mighty: Centennial Worldwide Flourishes in Denver 2023, September 14
GBTA: Travel to Peak at $1.8 Trillion by 2027 2023, August 15
L.A. West Showcases Their Luxury and Affordable Lineup 2023, August 14
Cover Story: Metal Meets Mettle–Elite Coach’s Grit Drives the Steel City 2023, July 17
USTA Forecast Points to Normalizing of Travel Demand 2023, June 20
LEADER Loving Care: Everyone Wins in Kansas City 2023, June 19
Cover Story: PAX Training - Building on a Pyramid of Success 2023, June 19
USTA Releases Poll Data, Holds Packed IPW 2023, May 30
Empowered Charters and Party Bus LA: Grateful for the Journey 2023, May 12
Cover Story: Q&A With Barry Trabb of Complete Fleet Livery Sales 2023, May 12
GBTA Poll Explores the Evolution of Biz Travel 2023, May 05
USTA Releases Data on Economic Impact of US Travel 2023, April 25
BTN Survey: Chauffeured Transportation Satisfaction Dips 2023, April 18
In Memoriam: Richard Cripe (1934-2023) 2023, April 17
ASTA: Travel Top Discretionary Spend for Younger Gens 2023, April 17
Cover Story: An Unexpected Option in Luxury SUVs - The Wagoneer L 2023, April 17
Associations Showcase Benefits of Meetings and Travel 2023, April 04
Poll Says Biz Travel to Continue Increase, But Can Hiring Keep Up? 2023, March 21
Cover Story: JET Limousines - A Magnificent Obsession 2023, March 19
Cover Story: Empire State of Mind - EmpireCLS Trailblazes the Future 2023, February 13
GBTA Poll: Bookings, Spending, and Optimism on the Upswing 2023, February 07
Travel and Tourism Advisory Board Members Named 2023, February 06
Cover Story: U.S. Sedan Service Paves Its Own Lane in D.C. and Miami 2023, January 16
Van Delden Limousine Service: Five Generations of Meeting Challenges 2022, December 12
Cover Story: No Stopping This Momentum - ECB’s Very Busy Year 2022, December 12
Cover Story: L.A. West - Ready to Tackle Any Challenge 2022, November 23
Beyond Colleagues: How Four Va. Operators Became Friends 2022, November 14
GBTA/Deem Report Covers State of Corporate Travel 2022, October 25
GBTA Poll: Business Travel Continues Bouncing Back 2022, October 11
Cover Story: Cardel Group – A One-Stop Shop for Global Travel Management 2022, October 10
GBTA/HRS Survey: Issues of Managed Travel 2022, September 26
Cover Story: Acton/SoCal Penske Providing Fleet Solutions for Operators Nationwide 2022, September 12
News Shorts: Week of 9/5/22 2022, September 06
Survey: Travelers Turn to Tech After Disruption 2022, August 16
GBTA Forecast: Travel Prices on the Rise 2022, August 16
Cover Story: Finding Grace Under Pressure 2022, August 12
News Shorts: Week of 8/8/22 2022, August 09
GBTA Tackles Heathrow Limits, To Hold Convention in San Diego 2022, July 18
Cover Story: Ecko Worldwide Builds Its Own Roadmap to Success 2022, July 13
GBTA and Uber for Business Partner for Study 2022, July 12
Study: Reducing Biz Travel Will Lead to Long-Term Losses 2022, July 12
Cover Story: Complete Fleet Livery Sales – Rolling With the Changes 2022, June 09
Survey: Sustainability Momentum Builds for Biz Travel and Meeting Management 2022, May 23
Cover Story: Reston Limousine: Opportunity Knocks in Sterling, Virginia 2022, May 18
Survey: Pre-Departure Testing Is a Barrier to International Travel 2022, May 17
Study Examines the Pros and Cons of Meeting Modes 2022, May 11
Cover Story: Jax Black Car Transportation Blooms in Northeast Florida 2022, April 20
Cover Story: Grech Motors Keeping the Creative Spark Burning 2022, March 24

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