Driving Transactions
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bus & Motorcoach Coronavirus

Title Published Date
Van Hool Streamlines, Won’t Impact North American Market 2024, March 19
ABAF Study Emphasizes Low Environmental Impact of Buses 2024, January 30
CharterUP Expands Group Transportation Platform in D.C. and Orlando 2023, December 05
Report Finds Robust Motorcoach Sales Continue 2023, November 21
ABAF Report: Motorcoach Sales Grow in Q1 2023 2023, June 13
Prevost Factory Training Program Returns  2023, May 30
UMA Expo Returns to Orlando 2023, February 13
ELD Mandate in Effect in Canada 2023, January 24
ABC Unveils New Turtle Top Model at CD/NLA Show 2022, November 21
Legal Ease: What Happened to the Vaccine Mandates 2022, October 10
MCI Academy Resumes In-Person Classes 2022, October 04
ABAF Survey: Motorcoach Manufacturers Still Seek Recovery 2022, September 06
CDC Updates Recommended COVID Guidelines 2022, August 16
ABC Partners with MTRWestern and Proterra for Zero Emissions Tour 2022, August 09
Study: Reducing Biz Travel Will Lead to Long-Term Losses 2022, July 12
GBTA Poll: New Issues on the Road to Recovery 2022, June 27
USTA ‘Turning Up the Heat’ to Boost International Visitation 2022, June 07
ABAF Report Shows Bus Sales Still Lag Post-COVID 2022, June 07
Associations Celebrate Annual DC Loves Buses Day 2022, May 17
Allen Keith Joins MCI as Private Market Regional Vice President 2022, May 17
Brian Hill Joins MCI as Regional Vice President 2022, May 10
GBTA Poll: Biz Travel Seeing Double-Digit Surge 2022, May 02
ABA Celebrates the “Green” Bus Industry on Earth Day 2022, April 26
ABC Announces New Strategic Account Executive 2022, April 26
Federal Mask Mandate Dropped, But Some Cities Still Enforcing 2022, April 19
ABA Thanks Legislators for Their Continued Support of the Industry 2022, April 12
USTA Sees Opportunity Despite Mask Mandate Extension 2022, March 15
Mercedes to Premiere Tourrider Premium Motorcoach in Las Vegas 2022, March 15
Managing Risk: A “Road Map” to Profitability 2022, March 14
Davey Coach Sales Announces Organizational Changes 2022, March 07
TEMSA Introduces Electric Bus at UMA EXPO 2022, March 07
Travel Associations Urge Biden Admin to Amend COVID Policies 2022, March 01
ABC Companies Promotes Fleet Diversification at UMA Expo 2022 2022, February 28
GBTA Study: What Business Travel Looks Like Now 2022, February 22
Irizar Surprises With Next Gen of i4 Coach 2022, February 15
GBTA Poll: Biz Travelers Weigh Impact of Omicron 2022, January 20
In Case You Missed It ... January 2022 2022, January 19
GBTA: Travel Communication Beyond COVID 2022, January 18
New Flyer Announces Scholarship For New Mobility 2022, January 11
Benchmark & Best Practices: Is Omicron Impacting Business 2022, January 04
GBTA Poll Shows Potential Impact of Omicron on Biz Travel 2021, December 21
ABC Expands Turtle Top Distribution Partnership 2021, December 13
In Case You Missed It: Week of December 6, 2021 2021, December 08
Temsa Presents TS30 Coach to North America Market 2021, November 30
GBTA’s BTI Outlook Predicts When Biz Travel Will Recover 2021, November 23
ABA Fights for Additional CERTS Funding, Against Estate Tax Changes 2021, November 16
Temsa Showcases Its Products for a North American Audience 2021, November 15
NFI Launches New Training Program, Financing Arm 2021, November 09
UMA Thanks Reps Who Support CERTS Tax Exemption 2021, November 02
SC Coach Receives New MCI J4500 Coach 2021, November 02