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Friday, December 08, 2023

Association Updates

Title Published Date
MCTA Invites Members and Friends to Happy Hour 2020, June 30
MLOA Welcomes Speakers From Alternative Claims Management 2020, June 29
UMA Virtual Summit Offers Hours of RESTART Education 2020, June 23
GBTA Poll: Optimism as Bookings Resume 2020, June 23
ABA Releases Cleaning Protocols, Continues Request for Federal Aid 2020, June 22
NLA Hosts Facebook Webinar to Answer PPP Questions 2020, June 19
NELA’s Quarterly Meeting Packed in a Ton of Great Updates 2020, June 16
UMA Talks Insurance, Virtual Summit 2020, June 16
NLA to Host Live Q&A on PPP Changes 2020, June 16
WLA Hosts Monthly Conference Call 2020, June 12
NLA Announces Recommended Hygienic Protocol, New Committee Members 2020, June 09
UMA Virtual Summit Focuses on Restart 2020, June 08
MLOA Weekly Meeting Addresses Post-COVID Business Opportunities 2020, June 04
GBTA Endorses the “Safe Stay” Campaign for Hotel Industry 2020, June 03
UMA Shares Good News During Town Hall Meeting 2020, June 02
ABA Praises House, Urges That More Needs to Be Done 2020, June 01
NLA Call to Action for PPP Modifications Draws Huge Response 2020, June 01
NELA Offered a Month of Virtual Meetings 2020, May 29
NLA Names New Committee Members, Postpones Day on the Hill 2020, May 26
ABA Thanks Congressional COVID Support of the Industry 2020, May 21
GBTA Study: More Than Half of Companies Considering Resuming Travel Soon 2020, May 20
NLA’s NOLB Virtual Summit Showcases #LimoStrong Determination 2020, May 19
FLA Addresses Safety Protocols as State Begins to Reopen 2020, May 19
WFLA Optimistic About State Reopening on Zoom 2020, May 18
Coach Operators Are Heard During D.C. Awareness Rally 2020, May 15
WFLA Keeps Members Informed Virtually 2020, May 12
GBTA Survey Shows Some Optimism 2020, May 07
Solombrino Named GBTA CEO 2020, May 06
NLA Announces Committee Chairs 2020, April 28
ABA and UMA to Hold Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness Event 2020, April 27
ABA Requests Specific Loans and Grants for Motorcoach Industry 2020, April 24
Weekly MLOA Call Welcomes Guest Speakers 2020, April 24
UMA Town Hall Focuses on Congressional Outreach 2020, April 21
ABA Convenes Industry Recovery Task Force 2020, April 17
NLA Defers Fees for New Members 2020, April 14
ABA Launches Website to Educate Congress, Urge Industry Relief 2020, April 10
GBTA Reschedules Convention, Announces New Member Initiatives 2020, April 10
UMA Town Hall Filled With Advice, Much-Needed Optimism 2020, April 07
NLA to Host a NOLB Virtual Summit 2020, April 07
MLOA Welcomes Daus on Weekly Conference Call 2020, April 02
ABA Applauds CARES Act, Urges Work Left to Do 2020, March 31
TTA: DHS Designates For-Hire Transportation as ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure’ 2020, March 30
TTA: How to Fight for 'Essential Business' Status 2020, March 27
MLOA Conference Call Offers Valuable Discussion Among Operators 2020, March 25
MCTA Organizes Conference Call to Share Best Practices 2020, March 24
LANJ Welcomes Industry Leaders for Facebook Live Webinar 2020, March 24
In Vino Veritas: Spinning Wheels Heads to Napa 2020, February 13
Don’t Miss the New European Association’s Debut Meeting in Vegas 2020, January 16
NELA Hosts Holiday Gathering, Establishes Conn. Committee 2019, December 30
GOLA Bids 2019 Adieu With Annual Holiday Party 2019, December 30