Sunday, September 24, 2023

Association Updates

Title Published Date
PRLA Continues Its Fight Against TNCs 2015, September 22
NELA Meeting Prepares Members for Hearing 2015, September 22
KLA Has Its Days at the Fair 2015, September 22
Limo Alliance Announces Availability of Industry-Modernizing Software 2015, September 08
Destination MCO Ranks on Annual List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies 2015, September 08
Vital Partners with Executive Transportation Group 2015, September 08
Enova Appoints VP of Sales and Marketing to Manage Its Affiliate Division 2015, September 08
GCLA Expo Is Set for 9/24 2015, September 08
FLA and MLOA to Hold Meetings at CD’s Miami Show 2015, September 08
New Airport Regulations Will Affect VLA, Area Operators 2015, September 08
WFLA Enjoys Social Outing, Still Facing TNC Issues 2015, August 25
NELA Returns to Marlborough for Golf Tournament 2015, August 25
NLA, Deem Announce Collaboration to Deploy Groundbreaking Cloud and Mobile Technology Solution 2015, August 11
GCLA Members Oppose TNCs Pickups at LAX 2015, July 28
NELA Shows Appreciation for Its Chauffeurs 2015, July 14
MLOA Strives to Meet Members’ Needs with Seminars, Speaker 2015, July 14
TNCs and Insurance Discussed at PRLA Meeting 2015, July 14
NELA Announces Board Members at Annual Meeting 2015, June 30
NLA’s Annual Day on the Hill Is a Win 2015, June 30
KLA Covers Range of Topics at June Meeting 2015, June 09
VLA Discusses TNCs at Local, National Levels 2015, May 26
TLPA Spring Conference & Expo Calls for Industry Unity Against TNCs 2015, May 26
NLA Issues PSA, Has High Hopes for Day on the Hill 2015, May 26
TNC Bills Discussed at GALA Meeting 2015, May 12
LBTOUNY Ramps Up Efforts to Combat Two House Bills Regarding TNCs 2015, May 12
CLA Discusses Airport/TNC Issues, Hires New Executive Director 2015, May 12
TNCs, Statewide Issues Discussed at PRLA Meeting 2015, April 21
KLA Talks Lobbying Efforts and Local Events 2015, April 21
UMA Members Meet with Congressional Leaders During UMA Capitol Hill Days 2015, April 07
PRLA Addresses TNC Issues, Credit Card Acceptance at Airport 2015, March 24
NELA Hires Firms to Aid in Its Multi-State TNC Battle 2015, March 24
TLPA Releases New Paper Highlighting Its TLC Concerns 2015, March 10
FLA Plans Legislative Day, Names Two CD Members to Its Board 2015, March 10
LILA Hires Jagiela as Executive Director 2015, March 10
LBTOUNY Meeting Sets Its Sights on State Taxes 2015, March 10
ILA to Host Annual, Inaugural Events This Spring 2015, March 10
NLA Launches Ride Responsibly™ Campaign to Establish Industry-Wide Best Practices 2015, February 24
PRLA Fine-Tunes Its TNC Battle Plan 2015, February 24
NLA Announces Results of 2015 Elections 2015, February 09
MLOA Offers Programs to Help Members Broaden, Market Their Businesses 2015, February 09
Annual UMA Expo Delivers Best Turnout in Years 2015, February 09
First PRLA Meeting of the Year Introduces New Board 2015, January 27
VLA Seeks Overhaul for Bill Permitting TNC Operation in Virginia 2015, January 27
UMA to Take Its Annual Expo to The Big Easy 2015, January 13
NELA Joins Forces with Other Associations, Taxicab Industry to Fight New TNC Regulations in Mass. 2015, January 13
PRLA Holds Its Annual Monte Carlo Night 2014, December 30
NLA Candidates Announced for 2015 Elections 2014, December 16
UMA Holds Safety Seminar, Looks Ahead to January EXPO 2014, December 16
NELA Quarterly Meeting Mixes Business and Merry-Making 2014, December 16
New Board of Directors Elected for PRLA 2014, November 25